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Unleashed (2020) - Sheridan Animation Group Film

UNLEASHED is a comedic animated short film in which two rival dog warriors have an epic and exciting battle over a valuable treasure - or so the dogs tell it.

Fiona Wadsley: Co-Production Manager, Animation, Clean-Up, Rough Layout, Storyboard, Sound, Music, and FX Animation.

Unleashed is a 2D handdrawn short film created at Sheridan College as part of the 3rd year group film project. I was a production co-manager on this project. Below is a sample of the design work and development I've done for the short film.

Color Scripts for Unleashed

GFP Beats Color Script - Fantasy 1 - Pos
GFP Beats Color Script - Fantasy 1 - Pos
GFP Beats Color Script - Fantasy 1 - Pos

Rough Layouts for Unleashed

F_57_FionaWadsley_Rough_V1 Board Poses.j
F_25_FionaWadsley_Rough_V1 Abstract.jpg
F_25_FionaWadsley_Rough_V1 Final.jpg
F_14_FionaWadsley_Rough_V3 Field Guides.
F_15_FionaWadsley_Rough_V3 Field Guides.
Unleashed Weapons Axe Rotation.jpg
Unleashed Weapons Sword Rotation.jpg
Unleashed Weapons Axe Angles.jpg
Unleashed Weapons Sword Angles.jpg

Prop Design for Unleashed

Rough 3D Models (for reference purposes only)

Weapons 1.jpg
Weapons 2.jpg

Many thanks to my classmates and fellow group members for their dedication to our project!

Phoebe Dallaire

Patrick Macadat

Karoline Kayser

Megan Babchuk

Nicole To

Soo Hyeon Park

Ye-Rhim Choi

Gabby Oduro

Ruth Campbell

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